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Intradin(Shanghai)Machinery Co Ltd
  • Pneumatic Oil Pump
  • Pneumatic Grease Pump
  • Digital Oil Control Valve
  • Waste Oil Drainer

China Pneumatic Oil Pump & Pneumatic Grease Pump Manufacturer

Professional Pneumatic Oil Pump manufacturer in the industry
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Intradin(Shanghai)Machinery Co Ltd

Intradin was established in 1994 as an explorer in hardware industry. Up to today, Intradin has evolved to be a qualified manufacturer of Hose & Cord Reel, Lubrication Equipment and Fuel Transfer Equipment in the global market. The company offers a variety solutions for Automotive, Fleet, Agriculture, Mining and Industrial needs. Intradin has two manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai & ...
China Intradin(Shanghai)Machinery Co Ltd
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China leading provider of Pneumatic Oil Pump & Pneumatic Grease Pump
Quality Control
Comprehensive Quality Control System In-house Test Labs Functional/Life-timing/Safety/Certificating Test 15,000 sq. ft. General Testing Labs for Electrical, Mechanical, Environment and Package. ...
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